Swissborg /CHSB ICO Review – Blockchain & AI meet Swiss Wealth Management

Swissborg /CHSB ICO Review - Blockchain & AI meet Swiss Wealth Management
Swissborg is leveraging blockchain and machine learning to optimize wealth management for everyone.
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Swissborg /CHSB ICO Review – Blockchain & AI meet Swiss Wealth Management

13 thoughts on “Swissborg /CHSB ICO Review – Blockchain & AI meet Swiss Wealth Management”

  1. They wont allow the big boyz in its because they don't want long arm of the law from countries that will seek them out of their hiding places and beat them like unwanted red headed children after they steal you to the poor house.

  2. Lark, you are articulate, clear and precise! Can’t believe I hadn’t found your channel earlier. A gem!!

    Whats also special about Swissborg is a team who has managed portfolios up to over 10 BN USD. A single one of our wall street equity and derivatives traders has traded over half a trillion USD in his career.

    So as far as investment funds ACTIVELY traded by REAL finance professionals, we are truly blessed.

    From your knowledge, are there any other projects offering hedge fund tokens like Cryptalion and not just a passive index fund? I have yet to find any…

  3. I‘m Swiss – living in Switzerland. Chocolate on the Blockchain would be huuuuge!! Greetings to the other part of the world Lark!

  4. Very good closing arguments about the shifty nature of the regulatory frameworks that will be very critical to the success of this project. Very interesting stuff. I could see SwissBorg interfacing with SingularityNET (once they are up and running) as one of the primary markets they hope to serve within the first few years is the financial sector—could potentially make a beautiful pairing. SwissBorg seems to have the proper vision and I can't wait to see what the future brings for this project! So many exciting developments in this space. Drinking from a firehose! So many white papers, Lark!

  5. We don't need anymore shit coins. All shit coins are bleeding red for weeks. No more shit coins please.

  6. lark i didnt invest in hdac because people bought the tokens for 1000% cheaper in pre sale and i know they will dump when the tokens hit the exchange

    the big problem with icos is if the pre sale price is really cheap then the whales will cash out as soon as it hits the exchange
    i have seen so many tokens drop so hard like this

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