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Free Consultation Wealth Advisor Loveland CO - CALL (970) 999-1298

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1. Decide on a Form of advisor:
Virtually anyone can call themselves a financial advisor. Let’s start by narrowing the fiscal area. There are three standard varieties of advisors based on how they’re compensated: commission-based, fee-based and fee-only.
Commission-based: Commission-based advisors (brokers, insurance brokers, registered agents) sell financial products such as mutual funds, annuities and insurance and get commissions on those goods. They are often utilized by large financial institutions and have their Series 6 or Series
2. Because part (or sometimes all) of what they’re paid is based on what they sell, there is a significant conflict of interest. It is important to be aware that the temptation of commission is there and it can influence their recommendations to you.
Fee-based: All these advisors are relatively new to the world. Fee-based advisors are typically connected with a broker/agent and such as the commission-based advisors, normally hold a permit to sell insurance or investments for a commission. Fee-based advising is perplexing because such as the fee-only advisor, the fee-based advisor offers financial preparation for a commission. However, the significant difference is that they also sell goods and get paid commissions. So there is still that significant conflict of interest, because their fee-based recommendations can (and often do) include purchasing products they get commissions on.
Fee-only: This is the only type of advisor I urge for comprehensive financial planning and/or asset management. Fee-only advisors have a fiduciary obligation to act in the best interest of their clients. They just make money through flat fees, hourly rates or some % of the assets they manage. They do not receive commissions or fees based on product sales, and usually provide more comprehensive information including retirement, income, investment, taxation, education funding and insurance planning.

3. Ascertain How Much help you’ll need:
Hourly consultation: You’ve got queries about a specific financial situation such as purchasing a house, return to school or selling a small business. The ideal alternative for you is an advisor who provides hourly consultation. They charge an hourly charge, and should be able to give you a entire cost quote upfront based on the range of work needed.
Comprehensive financial planning: You want an expert to create a one-time roadmap to attain your financial objectives. You want for them to look at everything: insurance, education, investments, retirement, etc.. Advisors charge either an hourly fee or a flat fee for a thorough financial plan based on the range of the project.

4. Things to look for in an advisor:
Credentials: There are plenty of licenses and certificates an advisor can have: CFP, CFA, CPA, and ChFC. The CFP (Certified Financial Planner) is generally considered the gold standard in the industry. Advisors must have many years of expertise, take an extensive course and pass on a six-hour exam to become a CFP. Once certified they have to complete continuing education and are held to rigorous ethical standards.
Ethics: it is easy to see if an advisor has legal or ethical marks against them as particular criminal fees, investigations, bankruptcies or unpaid liens on BrokerCheck. Also, advisors have to disclose any disciplinary actions and conflicts of interest in part two of their ADV. You can ask the advisor for their ADV or obtain it from the SEC’s Investment Adviser Search website.
Experience: How long are they in practice? What was their previous experience? Education is important, but advisors will need to also have the expertise in managing real life financial situations.

Free Consultation Wealth Advisor Loveland CO – CALL (970) 999-1298

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Free Consultation Wealth Advisor Loveland CO – CALL (970) 999-1298