Fantasy Football is Back!

Fantasy Football is Back!
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We’re doing a fantasy football league at Ritholtz Wealth Management and Michael’s being so negative about it. Alex Palumbo will serve as commissioner, we’re doing 12 teams and trying to have some fun. We’ve got offices around the country so team-building is the goal.

Tell Michael to cheer the f*** up in the comments section below!

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Fantasy Football is Back!

11 thoughts on “Fantasy Football is Back!”

  1. Cheer the f*** up, MIchael. Also the grinning starting at 0:24 because he knew that he wanted to roast Alex for being too positive lol. Very pro fantasy football myself.

    Team name suggestion for Michael if he changes his mind: The Compound No Interest

  2. Somebody needs to throw something at MB. 🙂 I would jump at the chance to fill that 12th spot if needed. Full disclosure… I'm garbage at fantasy, but lose well. Good stuff fellas!

  3. The 12th man, now that he’s succumbed to the pressure, takes this shit seriously and I love it. Reminds me of my brother in law…whose one and only team name has been “Pay My Mortgage”. Can’t wait for updates on this throughout the season.

  4. The irrelevant investor is right. If no money is on the line, no one takes it seriously by week 3.

  5. This is solid gold. It's nice to see a big finance company peel back the curtain a bit and show they are regular guys. I am gonna need a live stream of these guys . Hilarious.

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