Electroneum Cryptocurrency Mobile Mining

Electroneum Cryptocurrency Mobile Mining
Hey guys,

I’m not a big video creator, but I wanted to upload a video of this app I downloaded a couple of weeks ago.

So I recently got into Cryptocurrency after being intrigued by it all. I’ve invested small amounts with the popular currencies (btc, ETH, LTC), but I recently started looking into the Alt Coins that are available on other exchanges aswell & one that piqued my interest after watching a number of videos and reading their whitepaper was Electroneum (https://electroneum.com/)

The company are trying to bring a wider audience into cryptocurrency & the concept of mining via their mobile app, it’s an interesting concept and i’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

This is my 1st YouTube upload, it’s short and straight to the point.
I am demonstrating the hash rate from my mobile device & have been receiving a very high hash rate from day 1, averaging 50 HS & collecting over 10ETN per day.
I am also mining Electroneum via my GPU (GTX 660) and receive over 700 HS, but receive the same 10 ETN a day, so the virtual mining is paying out the same ratio as my real crypto mining setup.

For any viewers interested in earning free Electroneum or beginning their journey in Cryptocurrency, Electroneum would be an ideal place to start, as it is free & they make it simple & accessible for everyone to earn via their Android mobile device.

Here’s how to get going:

1. Grab your mobilecell phone, search and download the Electroneum app which is available on the Google Play store

2. Register your account

3. Press ‘START MINING’ on the mobile miner app

THAT IS IT!! you are now earning free ETN

I mine 24/7 with a high Hash Rate of usually 50.91 earning over 10 ETN a day, so if you want to earn some bonus credits with my high Hash Rate, just enter my referral code: 6B28F3

You can do this by clicking on *EARN FREE COINS* at the bottom of the Electroneum mining app & enter my code: 6B28F3

I hope this piqued your interest as well as it did mine.


Bitcoin Addess: 3FgUjNekds7DvdWmXRALxwFP1PmeremsUn

Ethereum Address: 0x6B6C0FEC120115504194AD17B0222C79e701705B

Litecoin Address: MBGc3z8mgzTSRgipHwGm1EDpCrcTSBvXmN

Elecrotroneum Address: etnk9tcaBAGSdMZui5HuhXKZ5EpN8N5VXDKfxXcm4Dpzg9GHS34F1SahCUo1kbByEacEqrcBg9ahjfr7GVcttGv18DfLxgDuME


Electroneum Cryptocurrency Mobile Mining